Tájékoztatjuk Tisztelt Ügyfeleinket, hogy a Kormány az 1312/2016 (VI.13.) Korm. határozatával döntött arról, hogy a Közigazgatási és Elektronikus Közszolgáltatások Központi Hivatala (KEKKH) jogutódlással 2016. december 31 - ével megszűnt. Ezúton szeretnénk felhívni a figyelmét arra, hogy jelen weblap archív honlapként működik, tartalma nem frissül. Kérjük, hogy az aktuális információért keresse fel az illetékes jogutódok által működtetett honlapokat (nyilvantarto.hu, web-lak.hu, kormanyhivatal.hu). Okmányügyeiket változatlanul, személyesen a kormányablakokban (Részletes információ: https://kormanyablak.hu/hu) és az okmányirodákban, interneten a „Webes Ügysegéd” segítségével intézhetik, valamint ügyintézéssel kapcsolatos általános tájékoztatással 0-24 órában a 1818-as telefonszámon elérhető Kormányzati Ügyfélvonal áll a rendelkezésükre.
Welcome to the website of the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services

As data managing and data-processing authority of the central and authentic national registries – including among others Personal Data and Address Register; Road Traffic Register; Criminal Register - our Office is considered as an integral organisation of the Hungarian public administration.

According to the Zoltan Magyary Programme for Public Administration Modernisation tasks of our Office include expanding the scope of e-government services and improving their quality as well. Key objectives of our Office are to strengthen customer-centricity, to provide quick and reliable information as well as high quality legislation compliant customer services and also the related safe and accurate data management.

Through our country-wide IT network we provide services and support inter alia for the successful conduct of elections, for operation of Document Offices, for registrars’ activities and for the work of the Integrated Government Customer Service Centres as well.

Dr. István Ignácz

15 June 2015
We inform our customers that from 1 June 2015 appointment for vehicle administration is no longer available by 06-1-412-6445 phone number, only via Government Customer Line 1818.
08 May 2015
The payment method of administration fee has been expanded at the KEKKH Personal Customer Service Centre (1133 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 110.). In addition to the existing cash transfer order (check) now it is possible to arrange the administration fee for Official Certificate of Good Conduct even by credit card thus making the administration procedure easier. The payment via POS terminal saves time by avoiding queues at post offices and in addition no transaction costs will be charged.
04 May 2015
One of the main tasks of the public administration is to provide high-level and accessible to everyone services. The Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (KEKKH) and the National Info communication Services Co. Ltd. (NISZ) using IT applications create an opportunity to set up a special, mobilized service that can be reached anywhere in the country and can ensure a secure, user-friendly operation of document offices’ services.
30 January 2015

From the 1st of January 2015, due to the changes in regulations regarding the Official Certificate of Good Conduct, the Official Certificate of Good Conduct can be requested exclusively by the applicant and he or she is the only person to receive the certificate (or extension order) at the Customer Service Centre ( 1133 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 110) . The possibility of proxy has been terminated.

26 November 2014
Types of affairs operated on KEKKH’s electronic administration platform (Web Assistant Application) as well as document status querying service are already available on smartphones using the mobile application “OkmányApp”. The application allows us for example replacing our identity card and passport with unchanged data content; we can notify changes to ownership of the vehicles and even official certificate of good conduct can be applied for. The application can be expanded by further administration options displayed on the electronic platform. The application is already available on Google Play and AppStore.
27 August 2014
Since its renewal more than 500 thousands of calls has been answered by the Government Customer Line. During the period from January till June, most of questions have been related to customer gate but many people were interested in topics related to among others driving license, passport, higher education admission system, official certificate of good conduct and in addition general issues on public administration.
13 August 2014
Due to an easily accessible communication platform implemented at the Personal Customer Service Centre of KEKKH deaf and hard of hearing customers visiting the customer service centre can smoothly arrange their document office related affairs.
13 June 2014
In favour of more convenient customer services from 16 June 2014 (Monday) at KEKKH Personal Customer Service Centre (1133 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 110.) the administration on weekdays as well as weekends may be arranged solely by appointment.
25 March 2014
The “Post Office Agora Project” had been successfully completed at about 40 post offices, where from 1 April 2014 customer gate registration can be performed as well.
20 March 2014
The Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services hosted a professional day for registrars. 1 July 2014 will bring significant changes in the civil register system, because the former hardcopy-based registers will be replaced by a modern, fully electronic system in the future.
06 Február 2014
One of the main tasks of public administration is to develop customer-centric operation with regard for needs/demands and interests of citizens as well as to create uniformly high-standard and generally accessible public services. In accordance with this objective, the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (KEKKH) and the National Info communication Services Co. Ltd. (NISZ) has launched another joint development within the framework of the project "Development of interoperable IT infrastructure of integrated customer services".
06 Február 2014
"EReg Topic Group I meeting on International Data Exchange took place in Budapest, organized by the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services.
18 November 2013
"Change in attitude and approach in our Office's life is impressive only if it is not self-centric, but need arises from the interests of the society" – said Iván Vetési President of KEKKH.