Exchange of driving license because the medical certification expires

The application for a driving license is open only to those, who

  • meet the
    • medical
    • specific drivers' aptitude and
    • training and test requirements
  • have normal place of residence in Hungary
  • in case of foreign citizen had stayed in Hungary six months before the application
  • is not considered as not fit to drive from road safety point of view
Where to apply

Application for a driving license can occur in person:

(Prior to the application you must visit the medical attendant in order to get the medical certification).

The ready document can be received according to the applicant’s choice:

Driving license can be received by proxy as well. In this case written authorization must be submitted.

Necessary documents

Following documents must be presented at the administration:

  • appropriate valid personal identity document (ID card, passport, card format driving license)
  • address card (official certificate on personal identifier and address of domicile)
  • in case of foreign citizen document certifying his/her normal country of residence

Documents need to be attached at the administration:

  • medical certification
  • previous driving license
  • receipt of payment of driving license administration fee

Administration fee is 4000 HUF. It is 1500 HUF if:

  • applicant has reached the retirement age limit
  • according to the medical authority the term of the driving license is 1 year or less

In case of exchange of a driving license issued by the competent authority of an EEC state he/she must attach the fee defined by the effective law of fees (currently it is 4000HUF).

Procedure time

Procedure time is 30 days.

There is an opportunity to request a text message or email notification about the mailing-, or arrival time to the Document Office of the ready document.

Useful information

New type driving license covers two functions at the same time:

  • identifies driver’s eligibility
  • appropriate for inland personal identification

The driving license isn’t appropriate for citizenship identification, thus it can’t be used as a travel document while traveling abroad.

To identify driver’s entitlement it can be used abroad as well:

  • in EEC countries
  • in countries which joined Vienna Convention on Road Traffic
  • pursuant to bilateral treaties in Japan and Korean Republics

In case of traveling abroad it is advisable to get the necessary information regarding the driving license through the Hungarian missions abroad.


  • to identify driver’s entitlement: on the back, item 11: expiration date of the driver’s entitlement in the given category
  • for personal identification on the front, item 4.b): expiration date of the document

Those citizens who have Client Gate registration and access receive electronic notification about the expiry of their card type driving license. These email notifications are sent three times, two months before the expiry, one month before the expiry and at last on the day of expiry.

Unfit from traffic safety point of view:

Document entitling for driving vehicle cannot be issued to a person, who is unfit from road safety point of view.

Electronic administration

There is no way to apply electronically for the exchange of a driving license because of the expiry of the medical certification.

Information to download

There is no available form to this procedure.