Application for an international driving license

The application for an international driving license is open only to those, who have a Hungarian driving license already and are applying for its issuance.

Where to apply

Application for an international driving license can occur:

The ready document can be received according to the applicant’s choice:

Driving license can be received by proxy as well. In this case written authorization must be submitted.

Necessary documents

Following documents must be presented at the administration:

  • appropriate valid personal identity document (ID card, passport, card format driving license)
  • address card (official certificate on personal identifier and address of domicile)
  • in case of foreign citizen document certifying his/her normal country of residence

Documents need to be attached at the administration:

  • 2 photos (facial image)
  • receipt of payment of the administration fee

Administration fee is 2300 HUF.

Procedure time

International driving license is immediately issued in the Document Office just after the submission of the application.

Useful information

In case of traveling abroad it is advisable to contact the competent Hungarian mission abroad regarding the driving license and the international driving license issued based on that.

  • If based on international treaty or reciprocity the Hungarian driving license doesn’t entitle to drive in any foreign country, then international driving license is necessary.
  • The international  driving license is valid only together with the Hungarian driving license
  • To identify driver’s entitlement driving license is accepted in those countries, where the Hungarian driving license is accepted, according to our national rules. It is appropriate for personal identification inland

To identify driver’s entitlement driving license is accepted in the following countries:

  • in EEC countries
  • in countries, which joined Vienna Convention on Road Traffic
  • pursuant to bilateral treaties in Japan and Korean Republics
  • International driving license valid for B category can be issued over 18 years of age
  • Term of the international driving license equals with the medical term of the driving license, but maximum three years from the issue date of the international driving license.
  • International driving license cannot be validated for the national categories ("K", "T", "M", "TR", "V")
Electronic administration

International driving license can be only prepared electronically, but there is no way for complete electronic administration.

Information to download

There is no available form to this procedure