International data exchange − Hungary hosted the EReg Topic Group meeting
06 February 2014
EReg Topic Group I meeting on International Data Exchange took place in Budapest, organized by the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services.
Altogether 32 participants attended the meeting representing EReg (Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities), EUCARIS (The European Car and Driving Licence Information System), European Commission, and 13 European countries as well. EReg was established in 1998 and the first meeting of the European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities took place in Stockholm, Sweden. The main objective of EReg is to provide a common forum for the participants to share their knowledge, experience, best practices, to raise problems and to find common solutions regarding the registration and documentation of vehicles and drivers. These activities are realized in different Topic Groups with the EReg members’ active cooperation. The work performed by the Topic Groups serves as a guideline to the participants in order to fulfil the European Union legal acts precisely.