Another step towards customer-centric administration
06 February 2014
One of the main tasks of public administration is to develop customer-centric operation with regard for needs/demands and interests of citizens as well as to create uniformly high-standard and generally accessible public services. In accordance with this objective, the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (KEKKH) and the National Info communication Services Co. Ltd. (NISZ) has launched another joint development within the framework of the project "Development of interoperable IT infrastructure of integrated customer services".
The modernization of the organizational structure of public administration, the establishment of government office system on county and district level required new IT system improvements and reconstructions. The objective of the project is to lay down the foundations of personal governmental customer service structure; to ensure the local IT network infrastructure for the government windows, as well as to contribute to the development of document office systems. As a result, a uniform entitlement management system will be created in the special sections’ system of KEKKH and at the same time update and development of educational environment of the document office technical systems are under way as well. The administrators’ activities are also significantly supported by this process. The placement of about 390 POS terminals will also facilitate rapid administration in the document offices. The goal is to allow credit card payment by all possible means at utmost administration working places, thus saving customers’ time because the entire administration procedure can be performed at one place avoiding the use of post office services. Currently due to the information technology instruments, if the customer is unable to appear in person because of his/her state of health, he/she can use a portable, multi-functional biometric data recording device as well. This solution is also known as „suitcase" version of the document offices, which can be useful in cases, when due to renovation the document office is temporary out of operation. This tool facilitates the adoption of document offices’ tasks, and provides an opportunity to raise the level of public administration services even to those citizens, that are unable to arrange their document related affairs in person. Simultaneously, supporting the electronic administration the Web Assistant application system continues to expand as well. In the future, affairs related to private entrepreneurship can be arranged fully electronically from the start-up till the notification of termination. An additional new feature allows citizens to require information through the Web Assistant application system on their registered details or what kind of data had been required about them. As the consortium partner of the project, the NISZ Ltd. develops networking and IT background of government windows, and provides additional tools and services necessary for the operation of document offices as well. According to the preliminary plans the project is scheduled to finish in Q2 of 2014.