Government Customer Line 1818 operates successfully
27 August 2014
Since its renewal more than 500 thousands of calls has been answered by the Government Customer Line. During the period from January till June, most of questions have been related to customer gate but many people were interested in topics related to among others driving license, passport, higher education admission system, official certificate of good conduct and in addition general issues on public administration.

One of the most important conditions of Hungary’s EU accession in 2004 was to develop the Hungarian electronic communication/information channels. As a result, in 2005 the first call centre was created to response topics related to public administration. By implementation of the call centre renewal project carried out from EU funds the contact centre based phone customer service system has been modernized by the Central Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (KEK KH). The customer-friendly solutions realized by the above mentioned development resulted more convenient and faster procedures and provided an opportunity for customers to administer their affairs more flexible accordingly to their working hours and to their daily routine.

The Government Customer Line provides a wide range of services to citizens, business organisations and public bodies in 24/7 service. Its most important task is to give fast, accurate and up-to-date information, as well as telephone and electronic assistance related to public administration (e.g. contact details of public administration bodies, opening hours/appointment, document processing issues, assistance in the electronic administration, application procedure, completing different forms, technical assistance related to the customer gate application, notification of the simplified employment / by 185 phone number /).

The basic precondition for effective operation was a complex contact centre construction, which provides a firm basis for the phone customer service system. The Government Customer Line was the first in Europe which has introduced the latest AVAYA contact centre system, so in addition to the audio channels it delivers quality service to its customers by the integrated management of multimedia channels (e-mail, web chat, fax, forum, sms, etc.). Furthermore the location of the customer service centre in Vaskapu utca has been also renewed, where around 100 operator workstations have been established.

The Government Customer Line operation complies with the preliminary expectations: 85% of the calls reach the operator within 30 seconds; an average conversation lasts 3-3.5 minutes per call. The designated operator receives the incoming e-mails within 2 hours and answers them on average within 4 hours.

The project closure is scheduled on 30 September 2014. During its the five-year maintenance period the Government Customer Line creates gradually, in more and more cases the opportunity for citizens to avoid appearing in person at the customer service, thus saving considerable time and money for them.

Contact details:
Phone: 1818 (from abroad: +36 (1) 550-1858)
Fax: +36 (1) 550-1819
SMS: 1818

The Call Centre Renewal project has been implemented by the support of the European Union from EU funds.